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Poetry of the Mind and Soul

Well, it took a lot for me to decide whether or not I wanted to put some of my writing up on my page. After long debate, I decided that I would put up two of the most recent poems I have written.

***A little disclaimer: These poems are very personal to me and mean much to me, and please do not copy or reproduce these in any way. I have written these myself, and would like them to remain my work. Thanks for your consideration. ***

I write sad and somber poetry. They are generally not happy, unless I write them for or about someone. These poems are intensely personal to me, and convey my emotions and desires about numerous things. I write free-form poetry. I do not like the "restriction" of meter poetry. My poems do not have titles. I just don't necessarily think they are important or necessary, however, some of my earlier poetry do have titles. So, you could call most of them untitled. There are the two most current pieces I have written. If you like my poetry or have anything to say about it, feel free to contact me (contact info is on the main page). Okay, hope you like them.


The moon casts a hazy shadow/ Pristine fields of snow/ Wake me to the brilliance of day and field/ Silent ones of quiet and similar virtue/ Pass by as I move among the day.

Late night conversations/ The telling of unspoken secrets/ Gazing at words/ That are an expression of truth.

Hope will come for another day unforeseen/ Today there is only the strive/ Musical landscapes/ Can tell what cannot be told.

Godspeed, Godspeed/ And peace be with you/ These things do not lye/ In heart and solace.

This place will never be the same/ Always different than before/ Desiring for something new/ But unsure of how to attain it.

History of form and style/ How interesting.....

The thoughts of the mind pervade the soul/ Live streamcasts foretell of home/ Yet my heart is discontent/ Lonely confoundings and the evolution of the self-loaner is born.

The precepts of the past abound/ Stuck in a path of past foretellings/ Present hopes ripped away and future disregard and helplesness/ Person bring hope and hope leaves with them/ There soft steps are imprints on the soul/ Heartache remains.

Voices from afar are silenced/ Bonds from long ago broken/ Again left alone/ To face the cold on my own.

Lands afar bring hope yet dispair/ Future foretellings speak of nothing/ Yearning to leave yet forced to stay/ Rememberances of things one held sacred/ They do not remain.

What happens now?/ Revert back or go forward/ Needing comfort yet finding none/ Missing what once brought security and joy/ Music is the salvation always/ Little comfort comes from within/ Persons beg, try, and fail/ A lazy wanderer walks the earth.

A dream is a reminder/A vivid calling to consider/Move forward and beyond/A possible....